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S.NoProducts brand Generic/ActivePack size
1Acetapex Injection 1g/100mlAcetaminophen 1g/100ml100ml
2Ascopal Tablet 500mgAscorbic Acid 500mg4 x 10’s
3Azopal Capsule 250mgAzithromycin 250mg6’s
4Azopal Tablet 500mgAzithromycin 500mg6’s
5B-Art Dry Suspension 15/90mgArtemether 15mg, Lumifentarine 90mg1’s x 30ml
6B-Art DS Tablet 40/240mgArtemether 40mg , Lumefantrine 240mg8’s
7B-Art Forte Tablet 80/480mgArtemether 80mg , Lumefantrine 480mg6’s
8B-Art Tablet 20/120mgArtemether 20mg , Lumefantrine 120mg16's
9Bixan 1gm InjectionCefoperazone as sodium 500 mg
Sulbactum as Sodium 500 mg
10Bixan 2gm InjectionCefoperazone as sodium 1000mg
Sulbactum as Sodium 1000mg
11Brevix Tablet 20mgPiroxicam (as beta- cyclodextrin)20's
12B- Ther Injection 80mg/ml (IM)Artemether1 x 5's
13Cefpal capsule 250mgcephradine 12's
14Cefpal capsule 500mgcephradine12's
15Cefpal Dry Suspension
cephradine1 x 60ml
16Cipropal 200mg/100ml
Ciprofloxacin100 ml
17Cipropal 200mg/100ml
18Cipropal Tablet 250mgCiprofloxacin10's
19Cipropal Tablet 250mgCiprofloxacin10's
20Diclopal ER Tablet 100mg Diclofenac Sodium10's
21Diclopal ER Tablet 100mg Diclofenac Sodium30's
22Diclopal Tablet 50mg Diclofenac Sodium20's
23Diclopal Tablet 75mgDiclofenac Sodium20's
24D- Tan Injectin 5mg/mlVitamin D3 (200000IU)1ml X 1's
25D- Tan Injectin 5mg/mlVitamin D3 (200000IU)1ml X 5's
26Esopal Capsule 40mgEsomeprazole Pellets14's
27Estra capsule 20mgEsomeprazole Pellets14's
28Estra capsule 40mgEsomeprazole Pellets14's
29Estra dry Powder Injection 40mgEsomeprazole as sodium1's
30Gabapex 25mg capsulePregabalin14's
31Gabapex 50mg capsulePregabalin14's
32Gabapex 75mg capsulePregabalin14's
33Gabapex 100mg capsulePregabalin14's
34Gabapex 150mg capsulePregabalin14's
35Gabapex 300mg capsulePregabalin14's
36Monpal Tablet 4mgMontelukast sodium14's
37Monpal Tablet 5mgMontelukast sodium14's
38Monpal Tablet 10mgMontelukast sodium14's
39Myflox Tablet 250mgLevofloxacin10's
40Myflox Tablet 500mgLevofloxacin10's
41Ncopenem 1gm IV InjectionMeropenem as Trihydrate Blended with Anhydrous carbonate1's
42Ncopenem 500mg IV InjectionMeropenem as Trihydrate Blended with Anhydrous carbonate1's
43Onism Capsule 500mgCefadroxil 10'S
44Oseltipal capsule 75mgOseltamivir 10's
45Palcobal Injection 500mcg/mlMecobalamin 10's
46Palcobal Tablet 500mcgMecobalamin 10's x 10's
47Palcobal Tablet 500mcgMecobalamin 30's
48Palcobal Tablet 500mcgMecobalamin 20's
49Palcobal Tablet 500mcgMecobalamin 10's
50Palequine Tablet 250mgChloroquine phosphate
50 x 10's
51Palfepim Injection 500mg IM/IVCefepime 1's
52Palfer Injection 100mg/5mlIron(as Iron Sucrose complex)5ml x 5's
53Palflox solution for infusion 500mg/100mlLevofloxacin 1's x 100ml
54Palflox tablet 250mgLevofloxacin10's
55Palflox tablet 500mgLevofloxacin10's
56Palfotax Injection 1gm IVCefotaxime1's
57Palfotax Injection 250mg IVCefotaxime1's
58Palfotax Injection 500mg IVCefotaxime1's
59Palmadol capsule 50mgTramadol 10's
60Palmadol Injection 100mg/2mlTramadol 2ml x 5's
61Palmadol Injection 50mg/mlTramadol 1ml x 5's
62Palminem 250mg IV InjectionImipenem Anhydrous
& Cilastatin sodium
63Palminem 500mg IV InjectionImipenem Anhydrous
& Cilastatin sodium
64Palmizol Infusion 500mg/100mlMetronidazole 100ml x 1's
65Palochin Tablet 200mgHydroxychloroquine Sulphate 30's
66Palochin Tablet 200mgHydroxychloroquine Sulphate 5 x 10's
67Palricid Dry powder Suspension 125mg/5mlClarithromycin60ml
68Palricid Dry powder Suspension 250mg/5mlClarithromycin60ml
69Palsonate Injection 120mg IVArtesunate 1's
70Palsonate Injection 30mg IVArtesunate 1's
71Palsonate Injection 60mg IVArtesunate 1's
72Palthro cpsule 250mgAzithromycin1 x 6's
73Palthro Dry powder suspension 200mg/5mlAzithromycin1's x 15ml
74Palthro Injection 500mgAzithromycin1's
75Palthro Tablet 500mgAzithromycin1 x 6's
76Palxamic capsule 250mgTranexamic Acid 10 x 10's
77Palxamic capsule 250mgTranexamic Acid 20's
78Palxamic capsule 500mgTranexamic Acid20's
79Palxamic Injection 500mg/5ml IVTranexamic Acid5ml x 5's
80Palxime Capsule 400mgCefixime1 x 5's
81Palxime Dry Suspension 100mg/5mlCefixime1,s x 30ml
82Palxime DS Dry Suspension 200mg/5mlCefixime1,s x 30ml
83Palzidime Injection 1g IV/IMCeftazidime1's
84Palzidime Injection 250mg IV/IMCeftazidime1's
85Palzidime Injection 500mg IV/IMCeftazidime1's
86Palzon (IM) Injection
Ceftriaxone sodium1's
87Palzon (IM) Injection
250 mg
Ceftriaxone sodium1's
88Palzon (IM) Injection
500 mg
Ceftriaxone sodium1's
89Palzon (IV) Injection
Ceftriaxone sodium1's
90Palzon (IV) Injection
250 mg
Ceftriaxone sodium1's
91Palzon (IV) Injection
500 mg
Ceftriaxone sodium1's
92Pentopal IV Injection 40mgPentoprazole as sodium1's
93Rumaxol Capsule 20mgOmeprazole pellets14's
94Rumaxol Capsule 40mgOmeprazole pellets14's
95Rumaxol IV infusion 40mgOmeprazole sodium1's
96Safmed (IV) Injection 1gmCeftriaxone sodium1's
97Safmed (IV) Injection 500mgCeftriaxone sodium1's
98Sipron Tablet 500mgCiprofloxacin10's
99Sodium Bicarbonate Injection 5% w/v IV/IM, 0.5mlSodium Bicarbonate 25mg/0.5ml0.5ml x 1's
100Sodium Bicarbonate Injection 5% w/v IV/IM, 1mlSodium Bicarbonate 50mg/1ml1ml x 1's
101Sodium Bicarbonate Injection 5% w/v IV/IM, 2mlSodium Bicarbonate 100mg/2ml2ml x 1's
102Sodium chloride Injection 0.9% W/V IV/IM 10mlSodium Chloride 90mg/10ml10ml x 1's
103Sodium chloride Injection 0.9% W/V IV/IM 5mlSodium Chloride 45mg/10ml5ml x 1's
104V.D Pal Injection 5mg/mlCholecalciferol(Vitamin D3)1ml x 5's
105Water for Injection
-1's x 10ml
106Water for Injection
-1's x 5ml
107Xylop 1% InjectionLignocaine Hydrochloride 10mg/2ml1's x 2ml
108Xylop 2% InjectionLignocaine Hydrochloride 40mg/2ml2ml x 100's
109Zimex capsule 400mgCefixime1 x 5's
110Zimex Suspension 100mg/5mlCefixime1 x 30ml
111Zimex Suspension 200mg/5mlCefixime1 x 30ml