PalPex Pharmaceutical


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Manufacturing Facility

Palpex Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. has a well- planned and well established manufacturing facility which is run by professionals, who are experts in their field. We have state of the art Manufacturing facility that is capable of surpassing industrial standards

Palpex pharmaceutical is situated in Korangi Creek Industrial park (KCIP). Our layout and design speaks volumes about our commitments to quality, efficacy & productivity.
Despite being located in one of the busiest industrial sector of the city, we have ensured that our plant exhibits an aesthetically viable presence that is friendly to both our people and environment.

Our cGMP compliant manufacturing facility is well equipped with latest automatic machines mainly imported from Japan, Germany, India & China and can produce high quality products in an effective manner. We are able to implement best international practices within our manufacturing facility by following high tech methods.

We have dedicated Cephalosporin areas in our manufacturing facility where Injectable and solid Oral forms (Capsules & powder for dry suspension) are manufactured. We make sure to maintain all required standards of hygiene in our production facilities. We take edge of installation of GMP approved antibacterial vinyl flooring in our manufacturing facility which contains antimicrobial agent to fight germs that can collect on the flooring surface.

Apart from this we have state of the art section of Dry Powder General (Lyophilized Powder) with complete automatic line of filling, capping and sealing machines which can produce more than 30,000 vials per day. All manufacturing processes are performed under the supervision of qualified persons ensuring efficiency & effectiveness at all stages.

Also our manufacturing facility is equipped with highly advanced water treatment plants supporting our manufacturing of liquid injections (Ampoules & Vials). Distillation & Deionization plants are imported from China with latest technology parameters. On site treatment of water supports and increases our manufacturing capacity and also can effectively produce quality products.

By applying Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) we ensure quality & safety throughout the processes. Our standard operating procedures (SOPs) with latest Manufacturing & Quality control equipment together with highly qualified & competent technical staff makes our systems & products viable for the market. This combination helps us to perform our operations in smooth & effective manner.

We mainly have following nine manufacturing sections:

Tablet (General)
Capsule (General)
Dry Powder Suspension (General)
Capsule (Cephalosporin)
Dry Powder Vials Injectable (Cephalosporin)
Dry Powder Suspension (Cephalosporin)
Sterile Injectable Liquid Ampoule
Sterile Injectable Liquid Vials
Sterile Dry Powder Vials.